Parts Department

The parts department at Fremont Volvo is made up of a diverse group of salesmen who sell and deliver parts from Detroit to Columbus. Half of the parts sales team is only on location from 7-10 and spend the rest of their day delivering parts and making sales calls. The other half of the team stay and work on tasks such as checking in orders, taking orders over the phone and over the counter, assist with core and warranty returns, load and unload freight using a forklift, maintain work area clean and safety in the work area, among other duties as directed. These are some of the things that we feel are important to have when becoming a part of our parts team.

Multitasking- it is very seldom that our parts professionals are working on just one project or customer at a time. The ability to constantly work on multiple tasks while prioritizing is a critical part of this department.

Knowledge retention- our parts department sells parts for trucks that range from 30 years old to a few months old. This means that there is a good chance that you will run into something that you haven’t heard of or haven’t looked up. The ability to retain the knowledge that you acquire along the way helps to cut down the time spent on each order.

A positive attitude- Most parts customers that we have are repeat customers that we speak to weekly. The reason they continue to give us their business is because of the positive service that we are able to provide.

Truck Salesman

The role of a Fremont Volvo Trucks salesman is best described as being a well-rounded and versatile position. Daily duties can range from spec’ing (building) trucks and growing product knowledge to actively seeking out new customers on the phone and in person. Due to the wide range of responsibilities, here are a few of the characteristics we look for in potential employees..

Driven- There are many times that we, as salesmen, will have deadlines and goals to meet so it is important to be able to stay motivated and focused on the tasks on hand. There will not always be someone looking over your shoulder so you must be able to push yourself when necessary.

Confidence- One of the duties of being a salesman is going out and finding new customers. The first impression that your give a potential customer can make the difference between them being open to hear what you have to say and deciding that they don’t have the time to deal with you. It is vital to be confident in yourself and the product that you are bringing to the table.

Persistence- While we strive to be successful in every sales endeavor, it is inevitable that at times we will not succeed. Moving forward from that and getting back on the road to find the next possible deal is what is important.

Front Office

The role of the front office is very important we handle multiple responsibilities, from answering the phone to doing payroll. The rolls are divided up but we all contribute to them all.

Office Manager- Maintain the business financial statements. Also handle truck sales, financing paper work and flipping titles. The also produce payroll check and file the associate’s tax forms. They take care of any financial problems that might arise.

Accounts Receivable and Payables- We all answer the phones. They handle putting in invoices to be paid. They also handle paying out vendors when invoices are due. Need to be familiar with computer programs. Create new customers in the computer system and set up charge accounts. Have to have great customer service skills, balancing journals and schedules, and inventory.

Warranty & HR- Good communication skills, computer skills, knowledge of warranty. Work well with others. We all help each other out with anything that needs done. We are a team and good team players is what we need.

Mechanic Tech

Fremont Volvo Mechanics have a lot of responsible. The customers rely on them to do a good job on their trucks.

Attention to detail- A truck is a complex machine, the smallest loose wire or missing bolt can be the root cause of bigger issues. A good diesel mechanic will need to have an eye for detail when dealing with engines and their parts.

Customer service - Mechanics have to talk to customers, both about their vehicle problems and options to fix those problems. Repeat customers are integral and diesel mechanics should be friendly, a good communicator and amiable to answer questions.

Dexterity- Mechanics work with their hands. They could mean tearing down and building components, working with simple and complex tools, and more. It’s crucial that diesel mechanics have good-hand-eye coordination.

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